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Oxygenated solution that restores the color of rubber soles and eliminates the yellowing.

After many uses all white soles come yellowish and never get as white as when you bought them. Now you can recover the purest white of the soles of your shoes with the amazing Tarrago Soles Restorer. 
It is an oxygenated solution that will restore the white of your rubber soles by removing oxidation of your yellowed shoes.

Step by Step:1.
Apply Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer on your soles. - Use protection gloves (the box includes a glove for more protection)
2. Wrap your sneakers on a transparent plastic. 
3. Expose your sneakers under UV light during among 2 or 3 hours.
4. Remove the resting product with a wet Tarrago Shoe Duster and will bright like they were new. 
Not white enough? Repeat again. 

Suitable for
White Soles

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