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Helps to prevent water soaking into the footwear, protects from rain, snow. Dirt repellant, it prevents from any damage on the leather or fabrics. Enlarge the life of your kicks!

The Tarrago Sneakers Protector is the perfect partner to give your sneakers a protection barrier. It will help to avoid water soaks into your Sneakers. It also works as a stain and dirt repellent providing an invisible and breathable coat of protection. 
Respects the original colors and the natural characteristics of the leather because it is an eco-friendly formula which is also biodegradable. 
Tested and recommended for breathable and waterproof membranes.

Step by Step:1.
Clean your footwear always before appliance, remove the dirt and dust with the help of the Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner and the Tarrago Shoe Duster. 
2. Shake the bottle.
3. Spray over the surface of your sneakers keeping a distance of 20cm between the bottle and shoe. 
4. Leave dry for 90 minutes and ready to go! 

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