Ola & Gabriel -  Customizers

Obuwnik is represented by Ola and Gabriel, a married couple, who turned their hobby and passion into an everyday work. The whole thing started in May 2015 and since then over a thousand pairs of shoes have passed through their hands. "It's all about the details and patience" they say. As they are creative people, they enjoy every kind of customs most. From simple color changes to unique logos, shoe silhouette modifications and more. They are working on the highest quality products of Tarrago Sneakerscare. 

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David Mensah – Customizer

David Mensah and the Docteur Sneaker brand was born in May of 2015. His passion for sneakers led them to dedicate themselves to their restoration, cleaning and personalization.

The cultural aspect of this object of worship is an integral part of your personal and professional life. His passion has allowed him to develop in recent years a mastery of this technical and aesthetic theme.

David works from the heart of Toulouse - France, where he welcomes all kinds of sneakers. Carry out consultations, diagnoses and interventions in the place. 

Doctetur Sneakers definitely gives a second chance at life to the sneakers.

Check their social media's profiles and visit their website!




Jordi Montes – Customizer

Jordi Montes is one of the most import customizer in Spain. Since he started customizing his friend's sneakers, Pim Pam Creations became a well known brand in the illustration and customizer world.


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